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A FemSlay - Yasmin

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

As you know femafric's hair is handmade in Sierra Leone, West Africa. We strive to bring you the highest quality handmade crochet braids on the market. And when we are not working hard to give you what you love, we also have fun making what we call, 'slayspirations'! Late last year, we had the opportunity to work with a few amazing women in Freetown(the capital city in Sierra Leone) that inspire us and are just straight up slaying life! Be on the lookout for more 'slayspirations' to come!! (**side-note: ins't slayspiration such a fun word to say?? Hehehehe)

This FemSlay comes from Yasmin.

Yasmin has in our Fro Cee Twists 20" (Color: Raspberry- 1B/BURG ). One color we've seen sistahs all over the globe slaying is none other than burgundy. Burgundy hair on dark skin is a classic. It's the perfect color for when you want to make a statement, yet still be lowkey.

Yasmin is an Interior Architect/Designer. She is making the most of now by travelling, exploring, living and learning. She runs a website called Yasmin Tells, designed to inspire young people to explore the world through her experiences to make sure were taking part in these actions on a regular basis! Cheers to more life sis! We love seeing you slay, grinding and elevating in Sierra Leone.

Special thanks to the amazing photographer, Dominique Fofonah of Ragefx.

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