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Maintaining Your Natural Hair While in Crochet Braids

We love crochet braids! They are simple to handle and usually pretty cheap. Whether you want to get tight curly bulk hair and light waves for a night out, crochet braids can do that. Unfortunately, even though more and more people go for this kind of hair extension, most of them don’t know proper care techniques. As a result, people complain about falling out hair or an itching head. We decided to help you understand what crochet braids maintenance is about and how to handle it at home.

Get a Spray Bottle

When you have crochet braids a spray bottle can be your best friend. You can use it for shampooing, conditioning and moisturizing your hair! Simply dilute a little shampoo, conditioner or moisturizer with water and spray it onto your scalp. Rinse the shampoo and conditioner after applying. ppening, so patience and extreme care is needed! I would also suggest moisturizing and oiling your hair from the center of the part towards the cornrow (moving in sideways motion).

Moisturize and Seal

Prevent your natural hair and scalp from drying out under crochet braids by spraying them with a water-based moisturizer. Then, massage your favorite oil into your hair and scalp to seal in the moisture and stimulate hair growth.

Be careful about how you style your hair.

Getting crochet braids is exciting!! You don't have to handle your twists the way you handle your loose hair. However, you don't want to over style your hair. Yes, this is a protective style, but the purpose of a protective style is to give your hair a break. You can't give your hair a break if you're constantly styling (read as stressing) your hair out!

Care for your scalp and new growth

You have to care for the hair that's growing out of your head as it grows. You will have new growth sprouting up underneath the braids and you have to care for it so it won't become weak. You have to know your hair and know what it needs and when it needs it. We recommend alternating between moisturizing the hair and oiling your scalp every 2-3 days.

Cleanse Product build-up can cause itchiness which is not fun to deal with and will frustrate you to the point where you may take your gorgeous style out early. Prevent that from happening by using a spray bottle with diluted shampoo or dry shampoo weekly! (P.S. There's no rinsing required with dry shampoo). 


Okay, ladies, this next point may be common sense to some, but for others, it might not be. The longer you keep your protective style doesn't mean the longer your hair will grow, well not always. When you keep your hair in one style too long the hair becomes weaker, you aren't able to properly wash and condition it, and it is highly susceptible to matting. We recommend wearing your protective style for no longer than 6-8 weeks.

Being mindful of the duration of your protective style also means giving your hair breaks in between installs, especially when using hair extensions. No matter what, your natural hair needs basic maintenance including detangling, washing, consistent deep conditioning, and trimming. Your hair also needs to get rid of its shedding, to avoid any matting that if it becomes severe may need to be cut out.

Don't forget about your edges Edges need love too, so don't forget to moisturize and oil them too!  Sleep with Satin Sleeping with a satin scarf will not only help protect your natural hair, it will also help to make your crochet braids last for weeks!

The general rule of advice about crochet braids is PROTECT YOUR HAIR!! It's easy to get complacent with the protective style, but remember, our ultimate goal is healthy hair!!


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