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Save Your Edges!!!

Hi Ladies!!

Let's talk edges.

The reason why some of y'all edges coming out is because you're pushing those BIG crochet hooks through your hair breaking your edges. Use smaller hooks on your edges!!!! Take care your hair. Your natural hair is far more important than a cute style!!!!

This is something often overlooked but thanks to our trusted stylist they always share with us the information we need to keep our hair/scalp happy and healthy.

A couple of months ago we partnered with Crochet Braids Expert, Nia, of nianaturalhair.com to create something that crochet stylists, braiders and even traditional stylists could use and appreciate. Its called the Nia Crochet Kit.

Included in the kit is:

2 Nia Natural Ankara Needles (Unrefined)

2 Additional Size needles - one large one micro 

1 Teasing comb for the best looking faux baby hair/ illusion hairline

1 Razor Comb best used with the teasing comb

4 Crocodile Clips

 1 - 6” Japanese Shears 

1- Japanese Thinning Shears ———————

*Kit will be available with and w/o shears 

Check out her website and IG(@nianaturalhair) to up knowledge on all things crochet braids.


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