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The Easiest Way to Create a Crochet Wig

The crochet craze looks like it’s here to stay. It’s an easy way to do a protective style with a variety of hair and textures. More women are venturing into crochet hairstyles to give their own hair a break.

Crochet wigs is another great and easy alternative to create different looks in a few hours and could last you a few months to a few years. In the video below, check out how Mykel used our bundle deal to create a beautiful crochet wig.

Here are a few supplies to get you started if you want to make your own crochet wig.

Items Needed:

Crochet Needle: With our bundle deal, you will see that we supply you with our handcrafted needle.

Wig Cap: These are one size fits all and come in different colors as well. Although, they may be one size fits all, you will be able to customize the size of the cap with the crochet needle.

Foam Head: You place your wig cap on the foam head and apply the hair. These range from $1.00 to $4.00 at your local beauty supply. You can get a cheap white one made of Styrofoam or a plastic one.

Safety pins: These are used to keep the wig cap tightly secured to the foam head as you add hair for your wig.

Hair: There are now endless amounts of crochet hair brands that you could choose from. It depends on the style and texture you desire. Our preference is, of course, our Fro Cee Twists.

After you complete your wig, you are going to want to cut off the stray hair and trim it to fit your face.

Time Requirement: 1-2 hours

Skill Level: Easy

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Would you rock this?

Happy Hairstyling!


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