• Muna Braids

    The Muna Braids are our hand-braided crochet braids. They are 23” in length with a tapered end. The hair used to make these braids is the Kanekalon Braiding hair to provide you with a softer and smoother texture than regular fibers. The braids have also been treated in hot water for a neat and flawless look. There is pre-made loop present for you to start installation immediately. These braids are made with care and can be used as accents for the hair or can applied to the entire head as a protective style using a crochet locking tool. This can literally save you hours of time.
    Handmade item
    *Each pack contain 25 braids. To do a full head, you will need 5-6 packs.
    *23 inches in length*Tapered ends for a more natural.
    *There is pre-made loop on each braid for a seamless install.
    *The braids are washable and reusable.
    *Great option for a protective hairstyle.
    *With proper care, guarantee you will be able to use your braids at least 4 times.*Lasts 8 to 12 weeks. This hair can be reused for several installs.
    HOW TO CROCHET:- To ensure that your crochet braids lie naturally, braid your natural hair into cornrows.- Slide the latch hook underneath the cornrow and loop hair onto the hook.- Close the latch and slide the cornrow back underneath the braid.- Take two fingers to open the loop a bit and pull the end of the hair through the hole. - Pull and secure.- Keep the knots close to each other and repeat these steps until the full head is complete to the desired volume.
    Hair may also be crochet to wig cap to make a braided wig.
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