Mini Fro-Cee Twist (Bundle Deal)
  • Mini Fro-Cee Twist (Bundle Deal)

    The bundle deal is enough for a full install. 
    What you get:
     - 5 packs of our hand-made MINI Fro-Cee Twists
    - Hand Carved Crochet Needle(SOLD OUT until May 30th)
     - Surprise Gift(it varies month-to-month)
    Handmade item 
    *Tapered ends for a more natural* 
    Lasts 8 to 12 weeks. 
    This hair can be reused for several installs.
    **TT - Two Tone // Ombre
    • How much hair do I need for a full head?

      Typically, 5-6 packs are needed. If you want a fluffy fro look, add another pack and a half.

    • Can I mix the colors in one bundle?

      Yes, indicate your color choices in the ‘notes’ section when you are at checkout.

    • How long does this hair last?

      This hair can last for a long time, the better you take GOOD care of it the longer you can have it and reuse! Our customers generally 2-3 wears from it.

    • Any More Questions?

      Check out our FAQs

    • What do I get in the bundle deal?

      5 packs of our Hand-Made Mini Fro-Cee Twists.

      Hand Carved Crochet Needle

      Hand Stiched African Fabric Tote

    • What colors are in the models' hair?

      16" look: Black 5 packs 

      14" look: 2 packs - Honey; 2 Packs - Hazel; 1 Pack - Honey White

      14" OMBRE look:  TTT - Hazel Honey White (1B/30/613 - Ombre)


      To ensure that your crochet braids lie naturally:

      •  Braid your natural hair into cornrows
      • Slide the latch hook underneath the braid and loop hair onto the hook
      • Close the latch and slide the hair back underneath the braid
      • Take two fingers to open the loop a bit and pull the end of the hair through the hole
      • Pull and secure
      • Keep the knots close to each other and repeat these steps until the full head is complete to the desired volume
      • Hair may also be crochet to wig cap to make a wig