Mini Fro-Cee Twist (Bundle Deal)
  • Mini Fro-Cee Twist (Bundle Deal)

    Mini Fro-Cee Twists are our tiny springy twists. 

    They are handmade with the utmost quality to give you a wonderful natural look. They can be cut into layers without coming undone. They are super light and bouncy, you won't even realize that it's there. 

     The bundle deal is enough for a full install.

    What you get:

    • 5 packs of our hand-made MINI Fro-Cee Twists
    • Hand Carved Crochet Needle(SOLD OUT- we have reduced the price to account for crochet needle)

    Typically, 4-5 packs will be enough for a full install.

    For mohawk styles, you will only need 3-4 packs.

    14" -

    16" -

    -Handmade item

    -*Tapered ends for a more natural look*

    -Lasts 6 to 8 weeks. This hair can be reused for re-install.

    **TT - Two Tone // Ombre

    • How much hair do I need for a full head?

      Typically, 5-6 packs are needed. If you want a fluffy fro look, add another pack and a half.

    • Can I mix the colors in one bundle?

      Yes, indicate your color choices in the ‘notes’ section when you are at checkout.

    • How long does this hair last?

      This hair can last for a long time, the better you take GOOD care of it the longer you can have it and reuse! Our customers generally 2-3 wears from it.

    • Any More Questions?

      Check out our FAQs

    • What do I get in the bundle deal?

      5 packs of our Hand-Made Mini Fro-Cee Twists.

      Hand Carved Crochet Needle

      Hand Stiched African Fabric Tote

    • What colors are in the models' hair?

      16" look: Black 5 packs 

      14" look: 2 packs - Honey; 2 Packs - Hazel; 1 Pack - Honey White

      14" OMBRE look:  TTT - Hazel Honey White (1B/30/613 - Ombre)


      To ensure that your crochet braids lie naturally:

      •  Braid your natural hair into cornrows
      • Slide the latch hook underneath the braid and loop hair onto the hook
      • Close the latch and slide the hair back underneath the braid
      • Take two fingers to open the loop a bit and pull the end of the hair through the hole
      • Pull and secure
      • Keep the knots close to each other and repeat these steps until the full head is complete to the desired volume
      • Hair may also be crochet to wig cap to make a wig
    $140.00 Regular Price
    $130.06Sale Price