Handmade is ALWAYS better.

what makes femafric UNIQUE?

What better way to feel empowered about your hair then to know that the money you spent on it also empowers OUR community? The black hair care market is at least a $75 billion industry. Hardly any of that cash makes it back to the black community. As a company, we believe our moral responsibility is to ensure black resources empower black communities. We believe that hair braiding is our resource, our culture, as the history is deeply rooted in our existence. 

Femafric is a unique social enterprise that sells high-quality, handmade hair products, primarily focusing on protective styles like crochet braids. Our mission encompasses revolutionizing the way we think about black hair. All the hair in our collection is meticulously crafted by hand by our team of women in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

So when you are buying our products, you not only get a new do, you are becoming part of our beautician's financial independence and creative expression. We are building on something here and appreciate any contribution to that purpose and growth.


Thanks so much for your support and I am so happy that you are with us on this journey. 


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