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Mini Fro-Cee Twists - Short (per pack)

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Mini Fro-Cee Twists are our tiny springy twists. 

(Range in length due to handmade nature 8" - 10") 

They are handmade with the utmost quality to give you a wonderful natural look. They can be cut into layers without coming undone. They are super light and bouncy, you won't even realize that it's there. 

Typically, 4-5 packs will be enough for a full install.

For mohawk styles, you will only need 3-4 packs.

-Handmade item

-*Tapered ends for a more natural*

-Lasts 6 to 8 weeks. This hair can be reused re-install.

**TT - Two Tone // Ombre